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Here you can find the character sheet for the game. Just click the link below. Have fun!




Class: Warrior


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The way of the sword is the way of the warrior.

warrior women

The first of the four classes in the Questers Handbook: the fearsome Warrior.

If you want a simple class that lives for only one thing, killing enemies up front, the Warrior is the class of your choice. Wielding either a onehanded sword/axe and a shield or a might twohanded weapon, a Warrior will cleave a way through the foes, in the name of the Childe Queen or the Dread Queen.

Welcome to Queens and Quests blog!


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Good day to you and welcome to this blog.


My name is John A Jonsson, I am the author of Queens and Quests, an indie game in the OSR-movement. Queens and Quests: Questers handbook will be released in 2015 via Print on Demand/Lulu.


What is Queens and Quests?

The game is a retro clone, similar to Labyrinth Lord, Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the like. But it is not only a clone of the first RPG in the world. It can be described as ”An OSR-game made by someone who is not really into OSR”. It is still very similiar to other 0-ed games, but some aspects, such as the questing system and a new take on alignments, are new to the system.


What classes/races are there?

In the first edition Questers Handbook there will be 4 classes, Warrior, Thief, Ranger and Magician. There will not be rules for different races in that version. You are of course free to play different races, such as elves and dwarves, but there will be no ingame rules for them.


Will there be an adventure in the book?

Yes, there will be the beginner dungeon ”The Death Knell of the Diabolist” included in the book.


Will it be released as an PDF?

No, the game will be print only.


Sounds cool, when can I get it?

Sometime before christmas.